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Through my being a registered “host” with House Concerts Australia and through my various and varied contacts I have been able to put on informal concerts in my apartment. These seem to go down very well with artists and audiences alike. I have always felt passionate about making music more accessible to everyone. And how wonderful it is when the musicians are highly talented and audiences can experience the joy of chamber music in an intimate space.

13-05-18 Jordan Brodie

25-11-18 Lucinda Peters

16-02-19 Sidere Duo (Chloe Chung and Pavle Cajic)

26-05-19 Bill Risby, Emma Pask and Brydon Stace

18-08-19 Maria Lindsay and Jo Allan

13-10-19 Sidere Duo

2-02-20 Jenny Duck-Chong (mezzo sop), Nicoole Thomson (soprano), Jo Allan (piano

8-03-20 Bill Risby( piano) Jonathan Zwartz (bass), Hamish Stuart (drums) Darren Percival (voice)

14-05-20 Zoom House Concert (for 65 audience members) Maria Lindsay(violin) and Jo Allan (piano)

Sunday 13th May 2018 - Jordan Brodie

Guitarist Jordan Brodie gave us a beautiful concert which everyone loved.

He is, not only a very fine musician, but also a wonderful communicator and will surely continue to grow and give pleasure to everyone who hears him perform. Bravo!

25th November 2018 - Lucinda Peters

Double Bassist/guitarist and vocalist extraordinaire…Lucinda sung and played her bass and told her Stories…we had fun!

Sidere duo Chloe Chung and Pavle Cajic

What a wonderful affair!



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